Christians to Stand Up and Serve - Nigeria Day, Sabbath 21 November 2009

Posted on 21 Nov 2009

Christians to Stand Up and Serve - Nigeria Day, Sabbath 21 November 2009 - Report by Dr Theophilus Gokah

On Sabbath, 21 November the South Wales African Adventist Fellowship (SWAAF) hosted the first Nigeria day celebration in Cardiff. The day brought together Nigerian Adventist Christians, friends and relations from across London, Reading, Birmingham and other parts of the country.

Welcoming the visitors to Cardiff, John Uzamo George and Elder Chigbo, who were the organisers of the event, commented on its importance and greeted the visitors in Yoruba and Hausa, the native languages in Nigeria.

Adventist Christians, regardless of their origins, have a high optimism, creating and enriching their belief in limiting the moral damage that is currently afflicting many of our communities. The unprecedented ethnic mix in the Adventist Church offers such opportunities to flourish only if Adventist Christians are to keep alive this vision of dynamic, internally differentiated multiculturalism within the context of Christianity. The different activities in the day, from Sabbath School lessons, children's participation, availability of varied traditional dishes through to workshop discussions on 'the impact of music on our emotional growth', led by Dr Tunde Ajao, are just examples of ways in which Christian unity can influence our communities.

Pastor Blessing Molomo, guest speaker for the day spoke on the theme "Saved to Serve". He related the social circumstances of Nigerians in foreign lands and drew analogy from the experiences and circumstances of the Biblical story of Ruth and Boaz. Ruth was committed to the God she knew and was commended by God. Similarly, if Christians will stick to the truth like Ruth did, they will be rewarded by God.

175 pictures from the day can be seen in our gallery section.