Baptism of Diana Bakuwa, Sabbath 12 December 2009

Posted on 12 Dec 2009

To God be the Glory - Baptism of Diana Bakuwa, Sabbath 12 December 2009 - Report by Dr Theophilus Gokah

Diana with the gifts that the church presented to her
Diana is greeted by John George
Left to right: Theo Gokah, Pastor Boakye Asiamah, Diana Bakuwa, Methuselah Mwangalika

On Sabbath 12 December Diana Bakuwa was baptised and welcomed into the SWAAF company. At the beginning of 2009 SWAAF celebrated the baptism of Kestine Mpofu Lusinga and it was wonderful to be closing the year with a similar celebration.

Diana Bakuwa affirming her baptismal vowsDiana first came to Cardiff to pursue further studies. However her desire and love for Christ gave her the confidence to make a public stand for Jesus and now she has the satisfaction and joy of being part of the family of God. Happiness radiated around her as she took the bold step into the baptism of faith and was formally admitted onto the Church roll.

The centrality of baptism joins us to the whole history of salvation. It goes beyond simply been grafted into the community of like-believers where God's transformational love is manifest. In baptism our Christian identity is sealed by the Holy Spirit, as we are marked as Christ's own and claimed as a child of God.

The Church is one channel through which the Divine call is made. In the Seventh-day Adventist church the practice of baptism is very similar to how it was performed in New Testament times. Following detailed instruction baptismal candidates acknowledge the implications of entering into a lasting commitment with God and the Church, and make a commitment to break with the past before the actually get baptised. They understand that they are being baptised into God's fellowship and into a new life in Christ.

In John 15:16 Jesus said to His disciples, "you did not choose me. I chose you." Membership to the community of God is thus free - a gift which the Holy Spirit has bestowed upon all who follow the steps that Jesus Himself took.

Pastor George Asiamah about to baptise Diana BakuwaThe baptismal service itself creates a picture of the saving power of God. Through baptism Christ claims His own and bring us into communion with the Trinity. It is an opportunity for the Christian to translate faith into action whilst taking time to ponder over the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Baptism can and shold be a memorable experience in the life of the person being baptised, and in the lives of their families and friends. Each service is commemorated differently to remind the candidate of the special day that they affirmed Jesus. Certainly Sabbath 12 December was a very special day for Diana. She, along with all who witnessed the baptism, will treasure the memories in her heart.

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