Wives Test Husbands' Alertness During Cardiff North Women’s Day – Sabbath 22 May 2010

Posted on 22 May 2010

Wives Test Husbands' Alertness During Cardiff North Women’s Day – Sabbath 22 May 2010 - Report by Dr Theophilus Gokah

These men can't seem to get it right – they're confused about what belongs to their wife and what doesn't!

Sabbath 22 May was a Women's Day with a difference at the Cardiff North church. From the Divine Service through Sabbath lunch and the afternoon activities, the ladies put up spectacular activities with a different flavour. The day was filled with humour, learning and ignorance, but above all spiritual fulfilment.

Joseph Nduulu bids farewell to Cardiff North ChurchThe morning sermon, delivered by Hazel Keseke, was entitled: "Ruth - Woman of Substance" and reminded women of their role in the community and Church. Activities of the day included quizzes between men and women and traditional curtseys from women. A dint of luck and ingenuity of the quiz master saved the male contestants from being thrashed by their females.

Happiness Kwamboka express her appreciation to the Church for friendship

A highlight of the day's activities was when married men present at the church were put to a challenging test to identify among a number of items those that belonged to their wife. As the men scrambled through, there was obvious tension amongst them whilst the audience treated themselves to good laughter. Even when it was all over the mesmerised gentlemen remained on the podium debating among themselves and making defenceless excuses for their inability to decipher between what they might have thought belonged to their partners.

The ladies who put the programme together

There were both moral and spiritual lessons from the drill as husbands were reminded that as Christians they could not be disconnected from the daily lives and activities of their partners. Following their subjugation, the men in their humility sung to praise God for the unity of family and Church.

Ladies treat the congregation to songs

Two regular visitors to Cardiff North Church, Joseph Nduulu and Happiness Kwamboka bade their farewell to the Church after they had been presented with gifts. They return to their native Kenya after undertaking various studies in Wales.

Prince Olokotor finally committed the Church and sought God’s blessing for Joseph and Happiness.