Pastor A P Mensah Visits Wales

Posted on 01 Aug 2010

On tPastor John Surridge with Pastor A P Mensahheir way back from the General Conference Session in Atlanta, Georgia, Pastor A P Mensah and his wife spent a number of weeks in Wales, staying with their friend and former colleague Pastor George Boake Asiamah. Pastor Mensah currently serves as the Sabbath School, Voice of Prophecy, and Spirit of Prophecy Director in the 400,000 member Ghana Union Conference. Previously he has served as Youth Director for the Central Ghana Conference and more recently as the Conference President.

During their time here Pastor and Mrs Mensah have visited a number of churches including Port Talbot, Cardiff North, London Ghana, and London Lee Valley. Although they are now looking forward to returning home they feel that their time here has been well spent. In an interview with Welsh Mission President Pastor John Surridge on Tuesday 10 August Pastor Mensah commented on the phenomenon of the Ghanaian Adventist Church in the United Kingdom:

"The Ghanaian church is doing a good job over here," Pastor Mensah said. "I've just come over from the United States and I've seen how the Ghanain churches there are growing and making a good contribution to their parent Confereces and Unions. The same is now happening here."

"I remember when I first came to the UK there was just one Ghanaian church," Pastor Mensah continued. "All of the Ghanaian Adventists met in the John Loughborough school in Tottenham. But it's very different now. The membership is growing and just as in America our ex-patriot Ghanaians are making a real contribution. Evangelistically they are doing a great job of reaching out to the Ghanaian diaspora."

When asked about the issue of cross-clutural evangelism and the possibility of more integration with UK society generally, Pastor Mensah was cautious. "Within the Ghanaian churches everything is done according to Ghanaian tradition and culture. Indeed this is one of the main driving forces behind their success. We are all Seventh-day Adventists of course but within our own culture we are able to express ourselves better. At the moment this method is working well and the results are good."

We wish Pastor and Mrs Mensah God's blessings as they return home to their family and the challenges of a rapidly approaching Union Session.


Pastor George Asiamah (left) with Pastor and Mrs A P Mensah